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On behalf of Di & I welcome to our 8th ram sale. 2016 has seen a massive change for our family with a shift from Cheviot to the Broadfield area, just south of Christchurch. This time last year we were unsure of our future in the ram breeding game but I am pleased to say it has been life as normal. We have retained some land in Cheviot and picked up a couple of lease blocks near our new home. This has allowed us to grow this crop of rams out and to retain our Suffolk stud in it’s previous capacity. The “B” mob from which we bred our Sufftex has been dispersed however and this looks like being the final time we will be putting this breed up for sale.

Moving forward this will be the last time we offer our rams at this sale, the decision will be made in coming months as to how we sell them next year. We may move back to privately selling but will also be considering an auction/online sale. We will keep you informed.

Our breeding objectives remain the same. We strive to produced well muscled early maturing rams that have been fed well enough to reach their potential. SIL figures are used as a guide but not at the detriment of structural traits, too many studs are relying too heavily on figures at the expense of visual soundness in my opinion. That is the beauty of this game, we all have our opinions and objectives and they are not always the same!!

This is the last crop of rams by Taronga 14/11, he has done a fantastic job for us, we have retained 2 sons and his daughters will breed on for many years.

Although we have been through a couple of tough years, because of our lower stocking rate our rams have been 100% pasture fed.

We would like to thank the Stevenson family, this sale has worked well because we all get on so well and it has been a highlight of the farming year for us!

Grant Beckett

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