We have committed ourselves to the newly introduced Beltex breed, I strongly believe the Beltex and Beltex X sheep will become NZ’s dominant terminal sire in the future!!!

Although appearance wise they are quite different to what we are used to, I have seen enough to get me really excited about them in the future....low birthweight, easy lambing, get up and go, vigour, grow like mushrooms, yield(like we haven’t seen in this country), low fat, intramuscular fat and superb eating....once you go BELTEX you won’t go back!!!!

Pictured to the right is our Beltex ram lamb “Alfie”...named after Aussie league legend Alfie Langer!!! Our second Beltex sire is pictured below along with some progeny photos. The sires were purchased and photographed as lambs.

beltex suffolk


3/4/ Beltex Ewe Lambs

We are slowly “breeding up” some Beltex ewes, these are ¾ bred ewe lambs. We will have our first 7/8th lambs arriving this lambing (2022).

Beltex Suffolk Carcases for our freezer, superb eating.