The Suftex definately has a place adding yield and toughness-survivability.We purchase top sires at stud ram fairs from reputable studs.We then focus on producing a line of rams with darker heads that can move well. Saying that alot of texel rams struggle to walk correctly so a good one can be hard to source at times.We also note that although we like to produce them dark often the lighter headed rams seem to have the best carcass traits,throwing more to the Texel.Again we like these sheep to last and contribute to your bottom line!!

The quality of ewes we are breeding Suftex from should not be underestimated, many out their are breeding from "someone elses culls" progress and quality cannot be acheived that way.Our ewes in this breeding programme are only culled to this mob because of breed faults (too dark, too light or wool type). Any conformation faults have been culled well before we select our final A and B mob of 2ths.


Our New Texel Stud Sire

Purchased at the Canterbury stud fair for $3500, he was bred by Sam Holland of Hemmingford Stud. He has wonderful feet and legs and moves exceptionally well(these attributes are not easy to find in the Texel breed)add to this a terrific carcase and I am confident he will have a big influence on our Sufftex stud!!